Down By The Railroad #5 – Peeni Walli & Burnin‘ Melody Sound

Down By The Railroad #5 – Peeni Walli & Burnin‘ Melody Sound
12-Červenec    19:00 - 22:00    Containall Stromovka



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Na pátém pokračování dancehall reggae večírků v Containallu spolu s rezidenty z Peeni Walli Crew rozbalí svou dynamickou selekci taky italský Pražák jménem Nello Suffah, který reprezentuje Burnin Melody Sound!

Established in 2000 with Redeye, Lion D and Real Choppa, during the following years different members joined the crew coming from multiple disciplines, realities and local sound systems, completing the current formation with Mr Herbs, Nello Suffah, FRH and Hazin Tia.

Originally founded in Pesaro, Italy, the sound linked with different crews and local posse, artists and sounds, as well as for contributing to the local underground scene in Pesaro organising parties, concerts, dancehall and founding a recording laboratory, KM studio in 2009 where the local Hip Hop crew Kmaiuscola raised and produced different albums and collaborations.

A conscious message, a „new roots“ and „rub a dub“ vein, have always been the footprint and guideline of the sound “the Burnin Melody”. Regardless as a die-hearted lover of Black music and Jamaican culture, all the styles from ska to rocksteady, approaching the digital and the whole 90’s dancehall style reaching recent sonorities, are a fundamental ingredient of each our selection. //

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