Dub Artillery, DJ KillaBeatMaker (CO)

Dub Artillery, DJ KillaBeatMaker (CO)
13-Červen    21:00    cross][club



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KillaBeatMaker (Colombia) – tropical bass
KillaBeatMaker is a DJ/Producer from Medellín, Colombia whose DJ set consists of Tropical Bass and Afro-Colombian music. He is also known as the frontman of RADIOCALIENTE.

Dub Artillery (Czech Republic/Slovakia) – dub & reggae
Dub Artillery has made name in the Czech dub music seen during its 11 years old career. The band is known for their energetic shows, catchy dub songs and the personal voice of the singer Nina Marinová also known as the leader of NINA ROSA.

Julia Adal (Finland) – pop & neo soul
Julia Adal, a singer-songwriter from Finland, lived three years in Prague and wrote songs and performed in the local bars. In 2017 she travelled to Colombia and started to record her neo soul and acoustic pop-influenced music with the local producers. Now she returns to Prague with her debut EP. Julia used to sing also with Dub Artillery.

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